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Hitorhike 2 Person

Camping Hammock

  • Tree straps and carabiners included

  • Mosquito Net Easily Zips Off

  • Light, durable and easy to pack-up

  • Rated for 500 pounds

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

"...the new camping hammocks were our favorite place to relax on our family camping trip."

This Top Rated 2 person camping hammock has a wide lay flat design that allows for that extra room and comfort you are looking for. You can spread out by yourself or make some room for a friend in the most comfortable spot in the woods. Protect the trees and make set-up simple with the included tree straps and carabiners. Avoid being carried off by mosquitoes during your nap by zipping on the included mosquito net.

Looking for the most relaxing spot on the trail. String up your new Hitorhike hammock in the perfect spot and relax all weekend long. Rest in the shade and catch up on that book you have been meaning to get to.

Get Years of use with our
Triple Stitched Seam Design

Keep All the Bugs Out with

Extra Fine Mesh Netting

Your Two Person Hammock Includes:
  • 1 Hammock

  • 2 Wide Nylon Tree Straps

  • 2 Carabiners

  • 1 Mosquito Net

  • 2 Curved Netting Supports

  • 1 Easy Carry Stuff Sack

Why Choose a Hitorhike Hammock?

Hitorhike Hammock

  • Rated for 500 pounds

  • Mosquito Net Included

  • Rigid Netting Frame for More Head Room

  • Quality Interlocked Triple Stitch Pattern

Other Brands

  • Only Rated from 200 - 400 pounds

  • Most Brands don't Include a Mosquito Net

  • When included net Droops Down in Your Face

  • Double Stitching that just Doesn't Last

  • Pick Your Bundle

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Jacob's Well Preferred Partner

Hitorhike camping products are known for Quality and Durability in the field. Lightweight simple designs that work well and can stand the test of time, this is who Hitorhike is.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is everything I need to set up this hammock included?

Yes. Besides the trees to hang it from, everything you need to set up and enjoy your new hammock is included.

If you would like to add the recommended sleep pad, Check it  Out Here👉

Does this come with a rain fly?

No. A rain fly is not included and we currently do not offer a rain fly for this item.

Just exactly how big is this hammock?

Stretched out this hammock is 118 x 55 inches. Packed down it measures 8 x 12 inches.

How much does this hammock weight?

This 2 person camping hammock supports up to 500 pounds and weights in at only 25 ounces.

What kind of material is this hammock made out of?

This hammock is made from 210T & 70D Nylon w/aircraft aluminum netting supports.

Is there anywhere to store my stuff?

There are seven different pockets. They range in size from large enough to fit jackets and sweaters to just the right size for your cell phone and snacks. This Hammock also features an integrated pillow pocket.

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